About Don

In my 42-year career, I have produced monumental sculptures for public, corporate, and private collections throughout the world. My work consists of a wide variety of styles that reflect a classical sense of design and craftsmanship. As an experienced artist working with large-scale public art projects, I create sculptures that serve as a powerful connection and symbol to the spirit of the community. I love to explore the laws of nature, to see how they interact, while permitting organic elements to come through. I use materials which balance site specific environments and structural integrity to produce large-scale impressions whose impact is greater than the sum of its parts. My goal is to create art with cultural significance that visually surprises the viewer and leaves a lasting impression, an impression that promotes an intimate connection between the viewer and the object.
I find that creating and installing public art is rewarding and becomes a life-giving way to engage the community. This has been my experience while creating pieces in New Mexico, Texas, China, New York and elsewhere around the world.
Previously, I worked with metal and fabric to create purely kinetic sculpture. Since coming to New Mexico I have shifted the focus and have been working primarily with high carbon and corten steel.
The last five years have seen an evolution. I’m exploring ways that use steel to create a line in space similar to drawing with ink on paper. In so doing, I literally create an intuitive dialog with the specific piece of metal as I look for ways to help the object speak to the viewer on a personal level.
After years of creating kinetic pieces that use wind power to create movement and generate light, recently I’ve been creating static pieces that use the path of the sun to create three dimensional motion. This playful reversal has enlarged the field of expression between the object and the shadows cast by sunlight. The site becomes as important as the object itself as the shadows produce a totem that creates its own effects.

Don Redman Resume (pdf)